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Questions about GST returns?

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  • Continual Support

    Continual Support

    An accountant’s job is never truly done.

    That’s why we provide short and long term support solutions that don’t end when you put the phone down. We’re here to help.

    Experts Who Care

    Who Care

    When it comes to playing favourites, you as the client always take priority.

    We make sure you always deal with a professional who knows your financial details so all your government and financial reporting needs are handled smoothly and are stress-free.

  • Long term Relationship

    Long Term

    We like to make long term investments in our clients, their businesses and our team.

    Our personal approach and industry veterans have nurtured great client loyalties and referrals that date back to 1979.

    Knowledge & Experience

    & Experience

    Our clients come from many walks of life.

    We deal with everyone from high net worth entrepreneurs to large privately held corporations. We have the experience and know-how to lead you to bigger and better things.



When we were first introduced to this client, they already had a corporate group of nearly 40 companies. Due to this large volume, it was a challenge for them to get their financial reporting done in a cost-effective and timely manner.


To help the client deal with these issues, we provide a team of six staff members who travel to the client’s place of business for a ten day period each year to complete the work. This group of companies is currently thriving with annual revenues in excess of $50 million.


This company was owned by a long-standing businessman who wanted to pass the family business along to his children.


We developed the framework for an intergenerational transfer of the private company. The succeeding generation took the company to the next level through vertical integration when they purchased their supplier. We assisted in the structure of this acquisition and the due diligence process. We have additionally assisted this company with litigation support and the provision of a temporary company controller.


This client started small with a handful of employees in a volatile industry. Soon they were trying to deal with explosive growth.


We have assisted the client with managing this growth and with bringing on additional investors. We also reorganized the corporate structure to separate investments from ongoing operations. We created a structure that is tax efficient by allowing for income splitting with other family members. The company now employs nearly 200 staff members and has a company valuation of close to $50 million.

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